About us.

A little history

In the last quarter of 2005 our founder, Berwyn Rowlands, was looking for a new challenge. A passionate self-starter with a significant track record of turning artistic and strategic vision into reality within budget Berwyn is adept at gaining strategic level buy-in to his vision and securing appropriate resources.  This leads to passionate, sustainable organisations that achieve realistic, measurable objectives!

And so, in April 2006 The Festivals Company opened for business. In the years since then we’ve helped celebrate the tenth anniversary of the National Assembly for Wales with the Pierhead Sessions; eaten far too much curry promoting the Welsh Curry House of the Year; and fallen in love with Iris – godess of the rainbow and Cardiff’s international LGBT+ film festival.

Our team

Berwyn remains at the helm of the company. As managing director he’s the dynamo that keeps us powered.

He is currently supported by Grant – an experienced project manager and information scientist who is the company manager.

Our office

You’ll find us at Tŷ Cefn, Rectory Road, Cardiff CF5 1QL. We’re usually there between 10:00 and 18:00 on weekdays.

Our closest bus stop is on Romilly Road (Sussex House) and is served by Cardiff Bus #61.

The closest Nextbike station is on Cowbridge Road East outside Tesco Metro.

There is some free on-street parking on Rectory Road.